X-Wing Welding Positioner

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X-Wing Welding Positioner

Configured for two-station operation, this compact welding equipment includes a centre-mounted Fanuc Robot with an R30iB Plus controller on a rotating frame.

This configuration improves workflow and productivity as it allows the operator to load and unload on one side while the robot is welding on the other.

Optional full offline programming will allow you to spend less time programming and more time producing.

Standard Configuration

Fanuc Arc Welding Robot with R30iB Plus controller
Kemppi welding power source
Three-axis turntable
1800mm tool length (customisable)
900mm swing diameter (customisable)
500kg payload between each head and tailstock (customisable)
Safety perimeter fencing, light curtains on the operator side, light tower indicator


Offline Progrmming and Simulation Software
Laser Touch Sensing
Seam Tracking
Tool change
1000kg payload
Tool lengths up to 3500mm
Tool swing dimeter up to 1500mm
Other welding power sources


Continuous Two-Station Operation

Accuracy and Repeatability


Offline Programming

High Productivity

Consistent High Quality