kraftech3000x final


Kraftech3000 is built to deliver reliability and outstanding results to maximize productivity of your business.

The equipment is configured for industry 4.0 enabling remote diagnostics and support. The machine can be customised to suite your preferences and workshop requirements.

Standard Configuration

Fully welded beam without bolted joints
1G acceleration
Automatic initial height sensing
Arc voltage height sensing
Plate alignment function


Cutting Speed: 0-24000 mm/min
Effective Cutting Width: 1.6m to 3.2m
Number of torches: Up to 6 Torches
Processing Capability Plasma: From 0.5mm to 60mm piercing
Processing Capability Oxy: Up to 300mm
Cutting Length: Customisable
Technology True Hole and Contour Cut Technology


User Friendly Interface

High Precision Cutting


Easy-to-use software

High Productivity

Time and Cost Efficient