X-Calibre 1200



Designed for mass productions, the X-Calibre1200 is made for efficiency, precision and productivity. It can process up to 1200 I-beams, 380 PFC, 400 SHS, and 200 x 200 angle beams, with a piercing capacity of up to 60mm.

Standard Equipment

Fanuc ArcMate robot

Laser touch sensing

Torch mounting bracket

High sensitivity collision detection

Safety interlocked access front door with
viewing window

Safety scanners on infeed and outfeed entrances

Fume extraction connection

19” touch screen operator console

Thermal and acoustic insulation

External encoders and laser measurement

Servo controlled conveyors (sized to your requirements)

Robot mounted to single axis servo motor

Offline Programming and Simulation Software

Full 4 Side Processing

Optional Equipment

Plasma System by customer request
Plate processing option (includes table cartridge and nesting software)
Fume extraction system
Conveyor extensions
Cross feed conveyors


High Precision Cutting

Vision Mastered and Calibrated at Kraftech

Heavy Duty Construction

Low Operating Costs

Fully Automated

Full 4-Side Processing

Offline Programming Available

User Friendly Interface


Australia Made and Desgined