Designed for versatility, the SCORPION is a useful tool for simple operation with cost effective quality cutting. The SCORPION requires very low maintenance, making it an efficient tool for small to medium sized businesses looking to upgrade their production line.

Standard Equipment

Linear bearing in cross axis

Backlash-free rack & pinion positioning

Standard AC servo-drive system

15“ Control system with touch screen

Floating cutting heads

Speed control of torch vertical motion

Electric ignition

Manual material piercing

Base Data

Plasma system by customer request
Upgrade to 19" control system
HI-LOW preheating
Pneumatic marker
Automatic capacitive height control of oxy-fuel torch
2-Step material piercing
Automatic initial height sensing of plasma torch
Arc voltage height control of plasma torch


High Efficiency Cutting

User Friendly Interface


High Precision Cutting

Hermetically Sealed Controller

Low Operating Costs

Easy-to-use software