Designed for mass production, the heavy duty construction of the MAXI  is made for precision and productivity. The MAXI combines various automated cutting technologies making it a fully automated design.

Standard Equipment

Fully welded beam without bolted joints

Two linear bearing in cross axis

AC servomotors

Digital synchronization in longitudinal axis

19“ Control system with touch screen

Floating cutting heads

Electric ignition

Arc voltage height sensing of plasma torch

Automatic piercing with HI-LOW preheating

Torch selection from control system

Automatic initial height sensing of plasma torch

Capacitive height control of oxy-fuel torch

Automatic gas console

Parking facility for heads out of cutting area

Limit switch in each axis

Base Data

Plasma system by customer request
Pneumatic anti-collision system
Pneumatic, plasma or inkjet marker
Automatic initial adjustment of plasma torch height
Drilling head
Air cooling for gas cutting
Control system heating for winter operation


High Efficiency Cutting

User Friendly Interface

Fully Automated

Easy-to-use software


High Precision Cutting

Hermetically Sealed